May 22nd, 2019

Hello, dear fans.
My absence is, by no means, a "must stop" the comic. As you may have seen on my other social media, I've been posting illustrations, fanarts and comic concept art. As you may know, I have a full-time job, which I spend over 10 hours away from home to get some income, so sometimes the job gets stressful enough for me to get mentally tired and get distracted from my main focus, wich is the continuation of the comic.

This new post is just to notify you that there is no need of fear about the future of this comic. I am still being clear of it: I want to continue it.

Page 29 - END OF CHAPTER 1
Nov 17th, 2018

With this page, it marks the end of this Chapter.
Please enjoy the next Chapters in the meantime as we will be moving forward into the story. We will be moving to Chapter 8.

Coming soon...

Nov 10th, 2018

Nov 3rd, 2018

Oct 27th, 2018


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