Happy 2021
Jan 1st, 2021

Happy new year to all fans who continuously support the comic, even though there hasn't been an update since... what?... 2 years?...

there has been a lot of content created that I need to push myself to it again. Maybe not at the pace I had before, but at least get something done.

Here's a little preview of the ongoing chapter in the works:
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Apr 28th, 2020


I know what it is like to leave you to hang for TOOOOOO long from a cliffhanger. I know. I've also been there.

So, what is the current situation?
The change of pace and developing my work to help myself improve and grow.
I'm still posting comic concept art but also I want to work on other original artworks as for so long I wanted to refresh the content of my portfolio.

Keep in mind that one person is doing both story and artwork.
I'm not saying it's impossible. Some comic artists have done that. I'm saying that either story and art is hard work, and I have a vision of it. But in other to accomplish it, I need time for myself.
I've been posting artwork on my social media and some of the artwork is for testing. Test to checking new brushes for inking (lineart), checking out color compositions, edition... all of these to try and make the work much faster and better.


The BIG response to this is: YES! I haven't quit!
Why would I be still doing comic concept art then? I want to improve the story. And I want to improve myself. I want to make it much faster but still maintaining the quality I want to deliver.

May 22nd, 2019

Hello, dear fans.
My absence is, by no means, a "must stop" the comic. As you may have seen on my other social media, I've been posting illustrations, fanarts and comic concept art. As you may know, I have a full-time job, which I spend over 10 hours away from home to get some income, so sometimes the job gets stressful enough for me to get mentally tired and get distracted from my main focus, wich is the continuation of the comic.

This new post is just to notify you that there is no need of fear about the future of this comic. I am still being clear of it: I want to continue it.

Page 29 - END OF CHAPTER 1
Nov 17th, 2018

With this page, it marks the end of this Chapter.
Please enjoy the next Chapters in the meantime as we will be moving forward into the story. We will be moving to Chapter 8.

Coming soon...

Nov 10th, 2018


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