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Comic Anniversary+PREVIEW Chapter One Oct 20th, 2017

Today, October 20th has just marked another year. 9 years in the making of this comic. There is still much to get done and so many things are keeping me away from it. Keeping the comic going has indeed been a challenge, and as I said before, the next pages aren’t for Chapter 8 but instead an update of Chapter 1. Have a preview of what you’ll soon expect.

Please Read May 14th, 2017

Forgive the absence I've taken since February (the latest post).
Even with this absence going on around, it doesn't mean the comic is discontinued. No, No. The contrary.
As expected, this final semester is taking the last of me, plus I'm actually working on something extra and is keeping out of doing Chapter 1.

Don't worry, I'll get to it after I'm done with EVERYTHING. Just hang on some more.

However, new stuff is being added to the Gallery Section, if you want to check it out.

Another Chapter DONE! Feb 25th, 2017

Another Chapter is completed and I'm so happy to see chapters coming and going. Brings me joy that I'm on the right track continuing working on this project.
For quite some time, I've mentioned and posted some pictures of what I was currently doing after I had all pages of Chapter 7 completed, AND I will explain it to you again now that it is the appropriate time to know it better.

Chapter 7 is done and it expected as much to go for the 8th chapter now, BUT this will not be the case.
What it is currently happening is that I already headed back to Chapter 1 as I'm in the process of finishing redoing the entire chapter. It is mostly presumed that I already completed redoing that chapter and there's no need to wait and just start posting those pages already... well, the truth is, it is not yet completed.

My plan is that there won't be any page updates after I've completed illustrating all pages of chapter 1... and a little downside of this is that it will be more easy for me to lay my hands back again to complete the chapter after the end of this final semester (around June-July).
Yes. I know you don't like waiting but I can only think of this as a viable solution.
Finishing Chapter 1, then I will continue Chapter 8.

All I can say is THANK YOU for your constant support! LOVE YOU GUYS!! LOVE THE PHANDOM!!!

Early Comic Page Access Oct 20th, 2016

Something unusual, unexpected BUT intentional.
Enjoy an early new comic page for today's October 20th, the comic Anniversary.


New Conceptual Art Sep 25th, 2016

Little reminder that recently, I've been doing some particular studies of all kind so you can check them out on the Gallery Section!!!

Open Letter Jun 20th, 2016

The Wait Is Almost Over... Jun 3rd, 2016

COMING SOON May 18th, 2016

Working Hard Jan 24th, 2016

It has been a while since my last post here. As some of you may know from my fb page, I posted the "current comic page status" update for you to know on which page of the current Chapter (chap. 7) I was working.

Turns out I managed to finish the whole Chapter during the holiday vacations. Giving me also quite the time to start redoing some pages and cover from Chapter 1:

I managed to redo 7 pages, but there's still more to go, unfortunately my university-work-routine starts tomorrow, in which not only universyty work awaits me... I also found a job! I will be working as conceptual artist for a videogame developer that is currently up for making their first original game. Basically, I don't know exactly how much time consuming those things will be to me for keeping on making pages. And of course, I know how ALL of you are thrilled to know WHEN will the pages start uploading.

So, I want to finish at least the half of chapter 1, and then I will resume Chapter 7 every 2 weeks (sorry, but making it a weekly update will rush the hell outta me), and after the last page of the chapter 7's updated, THEN and only then, i won't start with the next chapter, but head back to Chapter 1.

That's basically my plan.

Possible Changes Jan 9th, 2016

I've been looking back to the first Chapter of the comic and with all honesty... I'm not satisfied. I feel like something whispers at me that something needs to re-arrange.
So there COULD be a probability that once I finish the current Chapter, I'll head back to the first chapter and fix the storyline there completely, in other words, redo it once again but for fixing the plot.

I'll keep you posted about this plan.

Keeping you up-to-date Dec 29th, 2015

For those new visitors, there hasn't been a new page update. In my Facebook page: I'm posting CCPS which stands for Current Comic Page Status. These posts tells you in what page I am working on and in what progress, let it be sketching, lineart, coloring, or even finished.

You are all doing great for your patience. I really think a thanks is not enough.


I am so happy to announce that today is the 7th Legendary Destination anniversary. Wow… 7 whole years now…
In all those years, there were downfalls, surprises, frustrations, but always getting into the not-stop-spirit.
I wanted to post pages, but the buffer is not perfectly established for a proper weekly-updates, but fortunately something just happened.
Several months ago, on my TUMBLR page, I show a little wip illustration for someone that was coming to my country and “discuss” a certain “thing” relative to the comic itself.

Wanna know what it is?

So without further ado, here’s the first track! ENJOY!

Anniversary on the way Oct 18th, 2015

As you probably remember, October 20th is the Comic Anniversary. There's some good news and bad news.
Bad news is, pages are still without any date of release. It's been so terrible in here. For doing a page, I need to be 100% focused only in that page. Like literally 100%. 1% off, and I found myself in another dimension. BUT, like I say, there's some good news on the way.

The good news is, that even if I have no new uploads, there's actually something coming that day, that hopefully, will make your day. Stay tuned!


Still Nothing out yet? Oct 3rd, 2015

The question that still waits for an answer... and not just any kind of answer.

I'm in the middle of what it could probably be like crossing to the darkest alley and still no sign of any source of light. This semester is REALLY, REALLY frustrating. Whenever I finish a thing, there's another one just waiting for me after completing the current thing.

Like I'm in the middle of a project that it is in fact some sort of national illustration contest. It counts for participating in the contest but also for grade. And not just that... if you are a Graphic Designer or know someone that is OR ever heard of it.... you now how much pain in the butt is when doing Corporate Image for both brand and its products... yes that's the OTHER part of what intrigues me the most and frustrates me.

I'm doing what I can. Still a little reminder that even if the comic hasn't updated lately, it doesn't mean it has been discontinued....NO.

Again, Sorry for the mess and thank you for still bearing w/me.

Updates NEWS Aug 8th, 2015

I'm an organized person… And wont lie… I HATE not having schedule pages like before… like it pisses me off…

It really does hurt that after years of being well organized, now turned out to be a failure.

But NOT TODAY. forget about that “Not yet done” schedule for an upcoming page. For this to work, I’ll definitely will require time time and passion to make several pages and start creating this buffer as before for me to schedule back every week…(perhaps even 2 weeks)

Do u guys stand with me?

We got the .COM! Jul 16th, 2015

Hey, Phans! We are happy to announce that you can now easily access the website without any hard time remembering the whole url.
This also wouldn't have been possible for or web designer, Regnant. You can access their portfolio down in the footer of the site. (Credits)

Website Back on Track! Jul 15th, 2015

As last domain expired, our fellow website designer moved the site to another domain! (thanks :3)
I am looking to buy a .com domain. And to maintain better the website, you can help us with a small donation (right down the page).

In the meantime, the comic pages can't still be uploaded in schedule. I will post a page once it is done. Big sorry for the troubles this costs you, but I've been busy like you have no idea... searching for laptops, looking for work... that sorta thing.

Open Letter May 9th, 2015

first of all, I am terribly sorry for this delay on the comic page. I know i tend to upload them right on time, like at

'k, so what happened here? It is May, a part of a month were we're almost done with another semester. This "almost" done thing is BAAAD. There are plenty of projects i need to do that requires time and it somehow stole the time for me to work on comic pages. This unfortunately had a consequence. I ran out of buffer-pages. These are comic pages that are already done and are just waiting for the date of their release while I keep working on next pages, I had this buffer that kept me safe and in schedule.
Right now i have nothing... zero. This latest page I uploaded (277) i literally worked it yesterday and today... something i REALLY HATE 'cuz of the pressure and like, each comic page takes their time... time that cannot be done within minutes.

These projects are killing me since they are like the "second last" projects.... and after finishing them (we are like handing 'em by the end of the month), finals cometh around the first two weeks of June and then I'm done.

The next page remains as a "???" cuz I definitely don't know where I am going to get to work. It should be the next two weeks, but right now.... I warn you... I can't quite promise you a new update. :C

Please forgive me, and hope you can understand.

2 Week Update Scheduled Mar 16th, 2015

It's been SOOOO long since I've posted a news post. Regardless of this, You continuously noticed that the update occurred every two weeks. This happened because of reasons: when I updated the comic with a page, 20 pages where up ahead (completed) and only waiting every week for their release. So every time I uploaded a new page, this buffer of pages kept me safe by doing the new pages without rushing myself to dead. I put my trust in this that when I looked to it, the amount of pages reduced drastically.

I don't want to rush myself anymore 'cuz I'm starting to open the minds of the readers about all the process a single page requires.
This two week schedule will prevail for now on.

Reminder Dec 27th, 2014

Even if today is Saturday, there won't be any update until the next Saturday (January 3rd).
Unfortunately, I ran out of buffer pages and I will use this period to do more pages. Each page requires time and time is what I mostly need for you to continue reading and watching each page with the quality. So now it all depends on how much pages I can get done, if and for some reason there's still the need to create a larger buffer of pages, updates will change to every 2 weeks instead of every week.


Contest Winners Oct 26th, 2014

I would like to thank those who participated in the Contest. And of course, you demand the results and prize!

As promised, winners will receive a one month premium membership (deviantArt ONLY) and getting featured.
So without further ado:

I will thanks to these three people:

Your words (and so as the others), have opened my eyes and mind once more that there is more to be done and always keeping high hopes of it. :D

Little Contest! Oct 18th, 2014

HEAD OVER HERE to look at the rules and surprises!

NOTE THAT: In order to receive your prize (if you were one of the lucky winners), you need to have a deviantART account.

F.A.Q. Updated! Sep 8th, 2014

More info has been added.

Page 249 not yet uploaded. Aug 16th, 2014

Hiya, fellas.
First things first, right? So yersterday I took my VERY first airplane flight. After 20 years. That's right. So the problem is that I'm still here, far from home and just had the opportunity to find internet connection for my phone. My phone can't do the uploading thingy here because it's a small phone and the image resolution is small comparing it to the original and doing so, the page will look tiny.
I'll return tomorrow and upload it without any complications... like the usual. In the meantime, the page CAN be found at deviantart.

Chapter 7 out now! Resuming updates! Jun 14th, 2014

You've waited over two months but now it's time to continue with the story.

Coming Soon May 25th, 2014

Chapter 6 Ends+HIATUS Apr 4th, 2014

Another full-Chapter has been completed! Thanks to all the phans for the constant support! :D

But, wait...
Hiatus? WHAT?
Okay, so what's going on now?
Chapter 6 ends and there's still more to come. I promise you that. You can say it if you ever saw a post on my Twitter account like about the beginning of this year.

Do you remember a Livestream session I had on January showing you another "making" of a comic page? Click here. Yeah. That one. Ever since I haven't done ANYTHING NEW to it... I haven't completed it... I haven't touched it.
Works at college are getting tougher than ever, and I'm doing other stuff that...well, I won't lie... I kinda abandoned the comic.

I am so "entertained" with other projects that I can hardly put a finger back into the comic. By this, it does not mean the comic ends as in "ENDS." NO, NO. I still have high hopes with it, but unfortunately, working under pressure isn't exactly the perfect combination. That's why I'm planning a 2-month-hiatus. It could last longer, but it is only an estimate.

Hope you understand and well, this does a good thing to me on taking a break.
Comic pages will resume after the break.

PROLOGUE Pages Now Displaying Here!+Layout changes Jan 30th, 2014

The problem got fixed and you can now read the whole Prologue here without a problem.
Thanks for your patience!

ALSO, the layout has had some changes. The navigation visuals have changed. But no biggie, it stills being easy to handle; plus the website can now be seen through mobile phones and tablets maintaining its resolution.

How cool is that?

Welcome 2014! Jan 1st, 2014

It's now the start of a new year. Ton of plans, ideas to be accomplished and achievements to complete.
I may not know what will happen in the future with this comic, but I hope it is for the BEST! We are almost getting to the end of Chapter 6 and by this same year, hoping to see the release of Chapter 7.

Thank you, guys a lot! Let people know that DP is still alive. :)

Delayed Page Dec 6th, 2013

So as you may ALL know, I haven't upload page 222 and another Saturday is coming by.

I am terribly sorry. I haven't been able to connect to deviantart or facebook, even twitter to answer to this case and it's because of my final projects.
This week was "heavy". I had two projects that I needed to hand in this week. Two? That's nothing. Well, it WAS. Those projects couldn't be finished within minutes, nor hours.... they took days to finish them. And what comes next isn't exactly taking a deep breath of relief... I have to hand in 4 projects by the next week. Thus one of them is heavy as in HEAVY.

Please bear with me, just a little longer. I'm all stressed up and the more you ask me, MORE stressed I'll get.
The dialogue is still pending revision but that doesn't mean I'll be working on adding it to the page once approved.

Resuming Pages starting NOW! Nov 22nd, 2013

Trouble is still around with the uploads of the Prologue here but we hope to get that fixed soon.
In the meantime, and as promised, today is November 23rd and I'm resuming the comic uploads. Remember that every Saturday there's a new page.


Prologue Display Oct 27th, 2013

As you may have noticed, the prologue has come with some problems displaying in here.

Please visit my deviantart account to continue reading it:


PLEASE READ!!! Oct 18th, 2013

Tomorrow is October 20th. The day the very first page of the comic was shown to the public.
I tend to do special things when Oct. 20th comes, since it's an anniversary. This time, I'll be guiding you to read a different thing: PROLOGUE.

The prologue will take you to know what happened thousands of years ago. A plot that happened before the beginning of the story.

In order to avoid any conflict/confusion with these plot lines (the comic pages & prologue pages), the comic pages will be on hold until November 23rd, while pages from the Prologue will be posted starting tomorrow.
Prologue pages updates every Sunday & Wednesday.

Every Story Commences in the Past Sep 28th, 2013

NEWS! Aug 11th, 2013

Our dear Feather just finished with the latest details.

You are now at the newest Legendary Destination Website.

Why we decided to move on?
Our past host was from "ZQX" but the problem was that it was always giving us problems with the server going down, we weren't able to access to the site for a VERY long time (in some cases) since the site hadn't a domain and this, my friends, is the key to another step:

Have you notice that little "Donation Buttom" right above?
Our team is working hard to maintain this project as it is and even increase it with other cool ideas. Take the website design, for example. It looks GREAT as in BRILLIANT and it is constantly updating, but it takes time and HARD WORK.
From the beginning, all of our fans have been always inspired and cheered us, but now we want to ask for your help.
We will be using the money for the benefit of this project and that also includes the Team Support. We are constantly working hard for you to enjoy new comic updates and such. AAAAAND if we get enough donations we can even get a domain! HOW COOL IS THAT?

So if you want to donate, we'll appreciate it.

End of news archive.

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