When did you first start working on this comic?

I do remember the date. It was October 20th 2008 when I first uploaded to deviantart the very first page of this Webcomic. Since I had lacked knowledge on how to begin a comic, how to use the software for the final result, the very first pages weren't exaclty as I was expecting them to be. But you know what they say. "Practice makes the difference". As me, being a beginner that time, I completed the first Chapter, then it followed the Second one. Have you notice the quality of the First and Second Chapter comparing them to the latest Chapter? Such a BIG difference! The Chapter 1 suffered some changes. The story didn't exactly follow the real idea I was thinking of. I had to REDO all of Chapter 1. The ones who catched up with me in that time will know that the "old Chapter 1" was really a mess comparing to the new Chapter 1. It stills being really different of todays new pages, but it was an extra work for a better plan. So yeah, I have been working ever since. It's now official that on every October 20th, we "celebrate" the comic's anniversary.

Do I need to watch the show to understand the comic?

I found this question VERY interesting. Legendary Destination is a SEQUEL from the last 2 episodes of the cartoon series: Danny Phantom. In the comic, there can be found some captions telling you that in order for a better understanding of the situation, you are guided to see a specific episode. In short, I DO recommend you to watch the episodes, perhaps not all of them -since they are 53-, but maybe to watch the first episode and the last ones. There are episodes that are aligned to the story of the comic. If an specific episode needs to be viewed, don't worry, I might add a caption on a page for you to watch the episode without any more problems.

How do you plan out a comic page?

It takes time, and patience... LOTS AND LOTS OF PATIENCE. Every Chapter is meant to be drawn first as a storyboard, then drafts to basically guide you the angles, positions, dialogues... to get everything planned before setting it to the final result. Sometimes, -it has happened- whenever I finished a draft and begin drawing to set the digital format, there are things that I change in that time, whether if the angle of a panel looked better in another position or changing the dialogue. It has happened and is not bad. In fact is good if that makes you feel that doing it is worthwhile and even BETTER.

What program do you use to make your comic?

Setting to the digital format, Clip Studio Paint. For the Lettering, I tend to use both Clip Studio and Adobe Illustrator.

How long does it take to make one of your pages?

It really depends. Depends on WHAT the page will contain. For example, some pages might have one single panel, which it takes less time than a page with 6 panels.

Do you have a set plot laid out with a specific place where it will end or is it going to go on indefinitely until you run out of ideas?

Is not about if I ran out of ideas. Is about to get EVERY SINGLE THING explained, shown in the comic. Everything needs to be perfectly accurate. That's why it needs to be well planned, and I'm still working on it.

When the comic ends, what would happen next? Are you planning on making a sequel of it?

When the comic ends, it's the END. I really don't have anything else to continue with after I'm done with it.

Will you continue your comic until the end?

I sure hope so.

Will Danny grow up?

Yup. He has to grow up some time.

Ever thought in getting this comic printed out?

Yes, I have. But the only concern is that the main story focuses on real characters from a TV show, which means they are under copyright laws. This comic is only meant to be a FAN MADE COMIC, not for commercial benefit.

There are rumors that you will include Dark Danny/Dan Phantom's backstory in your comic, is this true?

You heard right!

Can ghosts be "killed"?

The world "kill" isn't really well placed talking about ghosts. Basing us on the original show, Ghosts Hunters were always referring the word "Destroy ghosts". Some episodes showed us that ghosts could be destabilized causing them to be nothing than ectoplasm. So it brings us the fact that Yes. Ghosts can be obliterated.

Wait, now the entire world knows about Danny's ghost identity?

If you haven't seen the episode Phantom Planet, then YOU SHOULD. The comic is a sequel from everything that happened during the three seasons of the show.

What's a "Titan"?

Originated from the ancient Spectro Language word Tiekan [tai·e·kan] "Born in the shadows". Titan is a classification called by the inhabitants of the Ghost Zone of ghosts that have a "killer-instinct". Ghosts truly nature is "dominance and chaos". They can manipulate objects, but one thing is certain: they can't shatter another life. They just... can't. Their minds become clogged after death to even "think" about killing another life being.

Why are you redoing Chapter 1?

After doing so much, going back to Chapter 1 was... weird? I did this mainly because the story line felt out of place, and wanted to give it a little fix. I'm even planning to also redo Chapter 2. Perhaps not all of the pages, but there is a part that intrigues me and it feels like I shouldn't leave that just there.

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