Legendary Destination

A deadly enemy is rising again from the shadows and it's about to commit one of its more dreadful desires: Make the world its entire reign by turning it into fire and ash. It is up to Danny Phantom and allies to make sure they save the world from mortal chaos.

But before even making their first step, they were taught about a legend that in the end, it is the only viable solution on keeping the world safe and sound.

However, Danny's major concern is to be tested. An ancient mythical ghost named Alkabad, has told Danny to do several tasks in order to find what they are seeking for. But one of them requires him to put all his faith into an enemy he fought long ago... which makes him doubt if that's the right thing to do.


Page 29 - END OF CHAPTER 1
Nov 17th, 2018

With this page, it marks the end of this Chapter.
Please enjoy the next Chapters in the meantime as we will be moving forward into the story. We will be moving to Chapter 8.

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